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    Project Skylark

The Pay Accounting system of PBORs of the GREF PBOR and Officers has been running on COBOL/UNIX since the system was computerized in 1984. The system was based on Batch Processing with Quarterly Closing of Accounts. Subsequently the PAO (GREF) has switched over to the Monthly Closing System since March- 2011, where the entitlements of the PBOR/OFFICERS were directly credited to the bank account of PBOR/OFFICER by the PAO (GREF). The process continued to be in the batch mode.Afterwards since June – 2012 the PAO has switched over to more current RDBMS based online system named as SKYLARK. The on-line system provides immediate feedback on all the transactions and enables the PAO to take immediate corrective action wherever necessary. In addition all the sections in PAO will have online access to the entire database which will help them in attending to any query easily.SKYLARK is a web based system. That means, it can be accessed using just a browser. The Operating System (OS) of the client machine is considered irrelevant. However, Linux OS has been used for the development as well as the deployment of the system. The system has been designed & developed by IT&SDC Secunderabad.