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रक्षा मंत्रालय
वेतन लेखा कार्यालय (ग्रेफ)


All the UNITs are requested to create there IDs on the Website. If Your Moblie No is not appearing in the Drop Down List while registering, please send it in Hard copy through your Project/ TF HQ in required format.


Sr No. Abbrevations Full Form
1 ASAP As Soon As Possible
2 BTW By The Way
3 FWIW For What It's Worth
4 FYI For Your Information
5 IMHO In My Humble Opinion
6 IMO In My Opinion
7 LOL Laughing Out Loud
8 ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
9 TIA Thanks In Advance
10 QSA Quaterly Statement of Account
11 DCDA Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts
12 AAO Asst Accounts Officer
13 MPS Monthly Pay System
14 I T Income Tax
15 NPS National Pension System
16 AFPP Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund
17 ACR Acquaintance Rolls
18 CEA Children Education Allowance
19 CGEIS Central Government Employees Insurance Scheme
20 CDA Controller of Defence Accounts
21 CGDA Controller General of Defence Accounts
22 CGEGIS Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme
23 CGHS Central Government Health Scheme
24 CML Ceiling Monetary Limit
25 DGBR Director General Border Roads
26 DAD Defence Accounts Department
27 EOL Extra Ordinary Leave
28 EDP Electronic Data Processing
29 GPF General Provident Fund
30 GREF General Reserve Engineering Force
31 GIPI GREF Imprest and Pay Instructions
32 HSR Hospital Stoppage Roll
33 HBA House Building Advance
34 HRA House Rent Allowance
35 IRLA Individual Running Ledger Accounts
36 JCDA Joint Controller of Defence Accounts
37 LAO Local Audit Officer
38 LPC Last Pay Certificate
39 LTC Leave Travel Concession
40 MPS Monthly Pay System
41 MRO Military Receivable Order
42 NPA Non Practicing Allowance
43 PAO Pay and Accounts Office
44 PLI Postal Life Insurance
45 UWA Uniform Washing Allowance
46 UMA Uniform Maintenance Allowance