भारत सरकार
रक्षा मंत्रालय
वेतन लेखा कार्यालय (ग्रेफ)


All the UNITs are requested to create there IDs on the Website. If Your Moblie No is not appearing in the Drop Down List while registering, please send it in Hard copy through your Project/ TF HQ in required format.

Fund Cell

It is responsible to deal with claims related to GP Fund (Part Final withdrawals from GPF and final settlement of GPF), However the cases like transfer of GP FUND (in case of technical resignation of GREF personnel who joins another Central Govt. department) will be dealt with by the concerned Ledger Groups which maintains their IRLAs.

Ledger Section

The ledger groups in PAO (GREF) have been formed Project/Task Force wise for easy location of IRLAs. The functions of Ledger Groups are interdependent involving constant liaison with CC Section, Imprest Section and EDP Cell. A separate GO Group is formed in Ledger Group 1 for attending the works of GREF Officers.

Broadly the duties of this section are as follows:
  • (a) Opening and maintenance of IRLAs.
  • (b) Scrutiny of non-recurring loans and advances.
  • (c) Scrutiny and adjustment of DO PT II Orders.
  • (d) Final settlement of Pay & Allowances and other retirement benefits in respect of GREF Personnel including Officers on becoming non effective.
  • (e) Scrutiny of claims on account of leave encashment, CGEIS.

Imprest Section

Broadly the duties of this section are as follows:
  • (a) Receive, Audit and compile Imprest Account.
  • (b) Accounting of ACRs Payments.
  • (c) Issue of cash requisition to Imprest Holders for their drawal of advances from cash assignment.
  • (d) Allot Imprest Account Number to newly raised Imprest Holders.

Central Control

This section controls and co-ordinates the items of work done in Ledger Group of PAO (GREF).This Section will maintain an updated list showing the names of the Task Forces/Projects whose pay accounts are maintained by the PAO (GREF). Effecting necessary debit in relevant computerised IRLAs on account of License Fee Bills.